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We represent the new wave of Management Consulting, with a core focus on Subscription Businesses and the Lead-to-Revenue Process within the Salesforce and Zuora Ecosystems.

At Kaana, we are at the forefront of Management Consulting, specializing in Subscription Businesses and Business Intelligence. Our mission is to craft unforgettable experiences for businesses of all sizes.

As pioneers in integrating design, intelligence, and technology, we empower clients to achieve tangible outcomes in the Subscription Economy. With over 250 successful Subscription Lead-to-Revenue implementations, we've identified that lead acquisition and revenue recognition are critical, yet often neglected elements. The method of lead acquisition sets the tone for its journey through various stages until payment and revenue are realized.

Our innovative approach to Lead-to-Revenue and business system architectures ensures a distinctively smooth and engaging subscription experience for end users.

LeadTo Team

What's in a name?

Kaana, drawing its name from "Kāʻanapali" which translates to "the divided hill," symbolizes a common scenario faced by businesses: standing at a crossroads, uncertain about structuring the ideal experience to facilitate growth.

At Kaana, we embody the epitome of seamless information flow and a clear-cut vision, particularly in subscription and lead-to-revenue experiences. Our distinctive approach to Lead-to-Revenue and business systems architectures creates a remarkably delightful experience for end users.

We specialize in transforming customer and employee experiences, aligning them with technology to ensure you meet your business objectives.

We Value Personalities That Don't Fit Molds.

Our team is composed of proactive problem-solvers who are passionate about finding solutions. We create an environment where our employees and clients excel in the present moment, blending past expertise with future potential. This synergy of experience and innovation leads to surpassing expectations through timely and effective action.

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