Managed Services

Your Solution for Salesforce & Zuora Optimization

Enhance your business operations and maximize your investment in Salesforce and Zuora with Kaana’s Managed Services. Our subscription-based service provides access to cloud expertise, administration, and ongoing enhancements.

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Managed Services Maximize Image

Maximize the value of your Salesforce and Zuora investment

Kaana’s Managed Services extends the capabilities of internal teams with access to cloud expertise and ready-made technology solutions based on hundreds of subscription projects. We deliver advice, customization support, enhancements, and system administration, all for a simple, fixed monthly or annual fee.

Managed Services Plans


per month

Break/fix quick wins
Custom Reports & Templates
Zuora for Salesforce Support
Workflow & Integration Support
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per month

Lightning readiness
CPQ & Billing Support
Process Builder optimization
Apex and VisualForce Support
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Benefits of Managed Services

Cost Efficiency
  • Eliminate the high costs of maintaining an in-house Salesforce team, including hiring, training, and retaining specialists.
  • Kaana's managed services provide the expertise you need without the overhead of full-time staff.
Expertise on Demand
  • Access a wide range of professionals, from administrators to developers and consultants.
  • Whatever your business challenge or objective, Kaana has the experts to assist you.
Continuous Optimization
  • Stay ahead with the latest updates, new features, and tools in critical business software.
  • Our managed services ensure your business system remains optimized by leveraging the latest features and best practices.
Proactive Maintenance
  • Kaana’s managed services include proactive monitoring and maintenance.
  • This leads to better performance and fewer disruptions.
  • As your business grows, so do your Business System requirements.
  • Our managed services ensure your Salesforce environment scales with your evolving needs without major disruptions or overhauls.
Enhanced Security
  • We provide advanced security protocols and monitoring to keep your business data secure.
  • This is crucial for sensitive CRM, billing, or ERP system data.